Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari Season 1 Episode 1

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    The vocation of returning the tsukumogami to the Tokoyo ─ ─ “seizen”. Hyoma, the next head of the Ki family, one of the three Seigan families, is a problem child who blocks Tsukumogami at random. The current head of the family and his grandfather, Zouhei, orders him to live with the Nagatsuki family, who lives together with the Tsukumogami, as a rough treatment. He was told that he would be disqualified from being a blind eye if he did not freeload for a year. Hyoma, who has a strong grudge against Tsukumogami from the past when his brother and sister were stolen by Tsukumogami, collides with the Nagatsuki family’s Tsukumogami “wedding furnishings” from the first day.

    Episode Title: Hyoma

    Air Date: 2023-01-10