The Rat Patrol Season 1 Episode 14

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    German artillery traps 2000 Allied soldiers and their only chance of rescue is an Allied armored attack. The necessary equipment, though, can only reach them in time via an ancient road which is now hidden by sand, a road only Moffitt’s father can find. On the way to the landing site, Moffitt’s father’s plane crashes. Moffitt wants to go find him but Troy insists their first priority is to find the road themselves. Moffitt breaks away and goes to find his father but finds only the burned-out plane. Troy thinks the elder Moffitt must be dead. Moffitt says he was captured. Again Moffitt escapes the team and goes after his father — finally rescuing him.

    Episode Title: The Daredevil Rescue Raid

    Air Date: 1966-12-12