The Rat Patrol Season 1 Episode 9

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    A very prized Germany radar station must be destroyed before a flight of bombers comes over. To do it, the Rat Patrol is given a new, special kind of explosives. Troy is apprehensive about carrying this dangerous cargo, which can explode with the slightest of bumps. Dietrich learns of the mission and tries to beat the Patrol to the area by utilizing an old Arabic legend of an unknown “”trigh”” (road) through the jebels (mountains). The Patrol is also in search of this trigh. But Moffitt gets them lost and Dietrich beats them there. Troy then manages to plant some explosives — and bluffs Dietrich out of the radar station by telling him that he’s willing to die himself rather than let the station do its work.

    Episode Title: The Blow Sky High Raid

    Air Date: 1966-11-07