Underdog Season 1 Episode 1

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    Underdog breaks out of the phone booth, and hears the cries for help again. Underdog flies to the lady, who tells him that her little boy has been accidentally locked in a bank vault. With only this information, Underdog flies off toward the bank. He reaches a bank, crashes in, much to the shock of the occupants, and then proceeds to rip open the giant door to the vault. The bank president blows up at Underdog, saying that he’s got the wrong bank! So, Underdog flies to the correct bank, and attempts to rescue the boy. But at first, nothing he tries works. He crashes through the vault door, only to crash through the whole building and the one next door as well. He tries using his X-ray vision to locate the boy, but instead, starts a fire! All the people in the bank are in a panic now! Underdog uses his atomic breath to blow out the fire, and in the process, blows virtually the whole building away! But at least the mother’s little boy is found all safe and sound.

    Series: Underdog

    Episode Title: Safe Waif

    Air Date: 1964-10-03