Underdog Season 3 Episode 25

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    After a violent thunderstorm ravages the city, the community gathers in front of one of the steel buildings to see a message revealed inscribed on its side: ‘To Underdog, A Rhyme in Time Saves Nine’. Sweet Polly asks Flim Flannigan at the police station what it means. Flim explains it could only be the work of Slippery Eel. A few weeks earlier, Eel, Fish, and their henchmen attempted to rob an armored car. They were caught by Underdog and were sent to the maximum prison with the electric fence. Still determined to get out, Slippery Eel tells his boys that he is going to climb the fence now that the power didn’t seem to be on. Midway climbing the fence, the guards see him trying to escape and turn on the electricity. However, instead of electrocuting him, it electrifies him, and he then claims that he is now ‘The Electric Eel’. He shoots bursts of electricity at the fence and wall and escapes with Fish and the gang, all the while vowing to get even with Underdog.

    Series: Underdog

    Episode Title: A New Villain, Part 1