Underdog Season 3 Episode 9

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    The prison warden’s chief officer informs him that Riff Raff is assembling a gang and is planning on escaping. They feel that they need to tell Underdog, so they send for Sweet Polly to call for him. When Polly arrives, the chief officer explains what was overheard in the prison from some of the prisoners that Riff has obtained as part of his gang. Polly then calls for Underdog, who, disguised as shoeshine boy, is stalled waiting for a woman to exit the phone booth he needs to change in. Upon hearing that Underdog has been called, Riff makes the decision that his newly formed gang needs to leave immediately, taking with them a disguised little fella. When the gang asks why he needs to be taken along, Riff responds, ‘Just in Case.’

    Series: Underdog

    Episode Title: Just in Case, Part 1